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Greetings, Parents and Guardians of Paakuma' K-8!


Can you believe how fast time has flown? One day you are walking your children to kindergarten, and before you know it, they are in 6th grade, preparing themselves for the high school years! Oury goal this year is to make sure all the learners in this class leave thesixth grade with the HOPE and condfidence that they can be and do anything they set their minds to!


In order for optimum learning to take place, several policies will be in place, including those in the Parent Handbook, which was included in the First Day Packet. I would like to emphasize the following policies:


School Supplies: the recommended school supplies for each student are as follow:

  • college ruled 8 ½ x 11 filler paper
  • 5 spiral notebooks - one for each class
  • colored pens (including red, blue, black, green)
  • at least 2 highlighters of different colors
  • stick glue
  • pencils/erasers (no mechanical pencils)
  • dry erase markers
  • colored pencils (at least 12)

Optional Homeroom (5th Period) donations:

  • tissues
  • baby wipes
  • bottled water

Behavior and Discipline: Paakuma' K-8 is a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) School. We emphasize, support, and celebrate positive behavior; students are provided many avenues for making choices that will help their learning and personal maturity.


Homework: there will be homework given regularly, depending on how much is accomplished on a given day. Homework assignments will be posted on www.hammerlearn.com. All Paakuma' upper grade students are expected to read at least 30 minutes each night, whether or not homework is assigned.


Medication: all medications, prescription or otherwise, including inhalers and cough drops, must be accompanied by a physician's order and turned in to the office. School personnel will not administer any remedies without a doctor's written instruction.


Water Bottles: only colorless water in clear, see-through non-glass bottles are permitted in the classroom.


Restroom: Students are encouraged to use the restroom before school, during lunch, and during passing periods. Restroom passes will be given to students on a case by case basis.


Cell Phones: cell phones may be seen and used en route to and from school, but must be put away on campus. All cell phones used on campus during school hours without teacher permission will be confiscated and turned in to campus administrators. Students have the option of turning in their cellphones/devices as they enter the classroom, and retrieving them when they leave.


Volunteers: all volunteers MUST complete the District Volunteer Application Form available in the front office (see Parent Handbook) and will also be available for download from the Paakuma' website.


Grading: Letter grades will be assigned as follows:

    90% - 100% = A

    80% - 89% = B

    65% - 79% = C

    55% - 64% = D

    less than 55% = F

  • Students are allowed and encouraged to keep working to improve their grades on assignments until three days before the end of the grading period.

  • Missing assignments will be accepted up to two weeks after the due date, with 3% of points subtracted for each day late.

  • Assessment/Test scores may be improved upon receipt of graded test by correcting the missed questions and turned in within two school days.

I look forward to an exciting year! Please feel free to contact me via school phone or email with any comments, questions, or concerns; via Remind, or via the numbers listed in the CONTACTS tab. My conference period is 4th period Tuesday- Friday, 10:13-11:00.


Mrs. Hammer (JoAnn.Hammer@sbcusd.k12.ca.us)